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            News of Wingtech

            From Photolithography to Components, Wingtech Technology Gathers more than 600 Partners Worldwide to Make an Epic


            On November 30, 2021 Wingtech Technology global Elite Partner Conference was held in Shenzhen, this conference may be the most complete industrial chain of a partner conference. They gathered more than 600 companies of semiconductor equipment, materials, wafer, assembly and test, optics, equipment, and communications. It is an unprecedented event for China's semiconductor, optics and communications industry chain to gather together the top suppliers of all kinds of chips and components.


            Defan FAN, district governor of Luohu district People's Government; Jian FEN, deputy district governor of Luohu district People's Government; Guilin GUO, director of Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Luohu district, attended the conference. Wing ZHANG, chairman of Wingtech Technology, expressed his sincere thanks for the endless support and help from Luohu district government.



            Wing Zhang gave a speech at the conference, warmly welcomed the arrival of the majority of partners, thanked the partners for their long-term trust and support to Wingtech Technology, and shared the latest development achievements and future strategic planning of Wingtech Technology in detail. He pointed out that Wingtech Technology will unswervingly take the road of high-quality development, constantly opening up a new market, creating value for customers, adhering to win-win cooperation. As an international enterprise, Wingtech Technology is further deepening global layout, and the future will be in line with "upward, kind, warm”, taking three main businesses, which are Nexperia Semiconductor, Delta Technology, Wingtech Communications as the engine, providing customers with fine and great products, to establish the moat of the company. With the whole industry chain model for partners to create infinite possibilities. Wingtech technology will work with partners towards a better future stride forward, jointly building the industry's best quality supply chain.



            With the support of global partners, Wingtech Technology has achieved remarkable achievements in various business areas in 2021. In order to express gratitude and recognition to partners, Wingtech issued Strategic Partner Award, Excellent Partner Award and other awards.


            Siltronic AG, Advanced Assembly Materials International, DISCO, Enomoto, and Zhonghuan Advanced Semiconductor Materials were successively awarded the Best Front Supplier, Best Back Supplier, Best Equipment Supplier, Best Quality Supplier, and Special Contribution Supplier issued by Nexperia.


            Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd., ASM Pacific(Hong Kong) Limited, Dexerials Hong Kong Limited, Kyocera (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sunway Communication Co., Ltd. won the Excellent Partner Award issued by Delta Technology.

            Intel (China) Co., Ltd., QUALCOMM Inc., Texas Instruments Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., MEDIATEK, UNISOC and Shanghai Samsung Semiconductor Co., Ltd., were awarded the Outstanding Partner Award by Wingtech Communications.


            At the conference, the global leader semiconductor equipment enterprise ASML and other core partners made a speech, expressing their recognition and affirmation of Wingtech Technology, and they looked forward to closer cooperation with Wingtech Technology in the future, to create greater value together.


            Bo SHEN, CEO of ASML China, said that ASML is one of the largest integrated circuit equipment manufacturers in the world. ASML and Nexperia are both from Philips, and it is very cordial to attend this conference today. ASML and Nexperia are originally a family. ASML, as an important partner of Nexperia semiconductor's global capacity expansion, appreciates Wingtech’s continuous opening cooperation and the grand strategy of Chairman Wing Zhang. With its market power in China, ASML can step by step integrate global technology and market resources, which is a rare opportunity for the development of the entire semiconductor industry. ASML will fully support Wingtech’s strategic goals and the construction of the Lingang 12-inch automotive wafer fab, and is willing to work with Wingtech and other partners to build a healthier, safer, greener and more sustainable industrial chain.


            Wingtech Technology is one of Qualcomm's most important partners, said Lei XIAN, VP of sales and business development at Qualcomm. At present, the two sides have carried out extensive cooperation in 5G terminals, intelligent hardware and automotive electronics. In the coming year of 2021, Qualcomm and Wingtech Technology have experienced many challenges together and witnessed the profound impact of advanced technology on the industry. Looking forward to 2022, 5G technology will further develop, and he is very excited about the broad opportunities facing Qualcomm and Wingtech Technology, looking forward to working with Wingtech Technology to expand 5G intelligent terminal, SiP packaging, IoT, automotive electronics and other broader markets.


            Mr. Gary GAO, the General Manager of Technology Department, Intel China, said that since the establishment of the Wingtech notebook business, Intel started to support Wingtech’s notebook team research in development and customer project support work, especially in the game notebook, Wingtech is an important strategic partner of Intel. In the server sector, after establishing a team in October last year, Wingtech quickly started research and development of several Intel server platform projects and is now actively participating in Intel-led (universal) design solutions. He believes that Wingtech will be able to achieve brilliant results in the field of notebook and server. It will become one of the important suppliers of the notebook and server market.


            Mr. Yanjun WANG, CEO of Zhonghuan Advanced Semiconductor Materials, expressed his deep admiration for Wingtech Technology's acquisition of Nexperia Semiconductor. Nexperia Semiconductor is one of the few automotive-grade semiconductor enterprises in the world, which is very precious and scarce for China. Zhonghuan Advanced Semiconductor Materials has cooperated with Wingtech Technology for more than two years. At present, in the field of power semiconductors, Zhonghuan Advanced Semiconductor Materials fully supports product sample verification from 6-inch to 8-inch silicon chips. With the trust and support of Wingtech and the opportunity of the rapid increment of the global semiconductor market. Zhonghuan Has also witnessed rapid development this year. In the future, Zhonghuan hopes to develop more and closer cooperation with Wingtech Technology to fully support the Lingang 12-inch auto wafer fab.


            Mr. Makoto Kimura, President of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Shanghai) said, Wingtech and Sony have deep cooperated. Delta Technology factory belonged to SONY, which retains the original management and technical team. He feels so familiar with Delta Technology and looks forward to Delta Technology renewing its brilliance. In November, Delta Technology and Sony worked together to meet the requirements of certain customers for a substantial increase in delivery, and hope to further cooperate on followed projects. In 2022, I wish Wingtech to achieve great development and Sony will continue to support Wingtech.


            This conference has won the strong support of the Shenzhen Luohu District Government. Luohu District is the important development stronghold of Wingtech Technology (Shenzhen) has been rooted here for more than 10 years, with a current staff of more than 2000 people. Located in the core area of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Luohu District enjoys a superior geographical location and owns a superior industrial development environment and talent gathering advantage. Looking to the future, Luohu will focus on new and future industries such as software and information services and intelligent terminals, accelerate the release of high-quality industrial space, accelerate the upgrading of the business environment, strengthen enterprise services, and attract more and more qualified high-tech enterprises to gather in Luohu. Wingtech Technology will continue to cooperate with the Luohu District government to bolster the expansion of industrial layout in Luohu District.


            Wing the tech, win the world. Wingtech technology is on a vital transform from a solution company to a products company. There is a bright space for Wingtech and its partners. Wingtech Technology will cooperate with global elite partners to achieve a mutual benefit and win-win situation, to contribute the best quality of the supply chain.

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